Perfume Concept - Hyaline

Art Direction –––  Print Design –––  Packaging Design –––  Digital Design

Brief –––   A personal design study on creating a contemporary Scandinavian perfume brand. From concept to product packaging and digital.

To get more credibility and interest from audiences that earlier haven't prioritized Gaffa, the magazine wants to be seen and make sales  in contemporary magazine stores at the same time as being a ’down-to-earth’ music magazine.


Concept –––  The concept core consists of a collection of unisex and untitled perfumes, where a selection of colors mark the scent and mood in an abstract and subtle manner.


By using colors instead of names the user experiences a totally unique perception of the perfume, unbiased from the creator’s own thought.


Colors bear the strength of offering completely free interpretations - just like scents do. A scent may arouse happiness for someone, while it could give the feeling of grief or regret for another bearer. Again with colors - for some, black is attraction and for others it could symbolize death.


The product uses this concept through a minimalistic design approach, giving the user the opportunity to translate the perfume however it suits him or her. The only visible branding of each perfume is a colored suede detail.


The detail differs them from each other while the unbranded bottle keeps the appearance neutral. The palette and brand images are set in a light Scandinavian setting, with details that give a twist of originality.

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