Design Study - GAFFA Magazine

Art Direction –––  Print Design


Brief –––   The Swedish music magazine GAFFA is creating a publication to recap the past year in music while re-branding itself as a more attractive magazine for people that interested in fashion and lifestyle.

To get more credibility and interest from audiences that earlier haven't prioritized GAFFA, the magazine wants to be seen and make sales in contemporary magazine stores at the same time as being a ’down-to-earth’ music magazine.


Concept –––  The idea was a clean but interesting design that is as visually interesting as it is highlighting the content of the magazine. The front is printed in a matte white and the logo features a shiny relief, accompanied with a graphic picture.


The magazine is encased with a cropped silk paper in a pastel gradient for an extra luxurious feeling with a playful touch. Inside the magazine every section is divided by semi-transparent colored paper. This separates topics of the present from what’s covering the past year. Images are edited for each theme and editorial, which are both graphical unique, but at the same time with a mutual clean feeling.


I used varied and playful fonts to make every section unique and interesting. To give dynamic to it I used different variations of colors and size.

© 2016 Agnes Åkervik –––