Pitch for Bråvalla Festival 2017

Art Direction –––  Print Design –––  Motion Graphics –––  Set Design  –––  Digital Design


Brief –––   Bråvalla Festival is celebrating their fifth year as Sweden’s largest festival. For this years edition, the organizers want to strengthen the festival’s market position and expand the festival - both in it’s lineup but also by welcoming a more diverse audience. The brief given was to create a visual identity that strengthens these points, while communicating a feeling of belonging, happiness, safety and love.


Concept –––  To communicate the feelings belonging, happiness, safety and love something relatively abstract is needed to avoid being to literal, but at the same time creates an element that can produce this feeling for all festival visitors.

The presented concept is based on a specific color: an opportunity to create a feeling of love and warmth. The additional colors follow this scheme, and covers a wide spectrum - but still only communicating a feeling of welcoming, warmth, safety and belonging.

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