Clothing Concept - Baseborn

Art Direction –––  Photography –––  Merchandise Design


Brief –––   A personal design study on creating a contemporary Scandinavian street wear brand.


Concept –––  A t-shirt concept I came up with while not finding any inspiration going shopping. It's a not pretty blatant wink to the merchandize hype of 2016 where I used the PABLO font from Kanye West’s merch collection, and another contemporary metal font quite similar to the one used on Bieber’s merchandise.


As a twist the shirts says ”Hårdrock” and ”Dödsmetall”, the Swedish words for ”Hard Rock” and ”Death Metal”, which, when written in Swedish looks very lame. It’s a cute tribute to the heavy music genres that, when used in an ironic kind of way is cute instead of harsh.


The style of the look book follows the same combination of contemporary clean style and rough materials, together with a touch of humor and irony.

© 2016 Agnes Åkervik –––